Saturday, 24 December 2016

Reading strategies for intellectual shamanism

I don’t think I can write a book on shamanism exactly, because what has to be taught is basically non-verbal.   However, there is something else I can do, which is to expose people to the experience.  That will happen only If people are able to read meaning into the gaps I leave in my text – more into what I DO NOT SAY than into what I do – then that is shamanic for them, because like a Nietzschean text , my writing may open up for them a sense of the ABYSS.  To experience this abyss that makes one’s own reality much less complete than a fully woven whole it to enter the realm of this shamanism.   But most people run screaming from it.   They cannot tolerate the necessary holes in existence.   They want everything to be fully explained, fully rounded, and to feel completely safe, like the finely woven sheet of an ideology.
On a few can tolerate life when there are shown to be holes in the ideology – areas where a simple ideological explanation simply will not do.   They run screaming, acting as if there were something wrong with the messenger.    They can’t be honest with themselves that they have encountered an ABYSS within the fabric of existence.   This feels like a huge psychological threat to their well-being.

But those who are honest with themselves, and therefore do encounter it, will be to some extent shamanized. takes a peculiar capacity for objectivity.  Most people think that it is an error if you have related things with gaps.....for instance if I explain my enmeshment in an ideology (for instance the ideology of authoritarianism) but then do not follow it up with an explanation, an apology, and a sense of having transcended the authoritarianism I experienced already.   Especially politically correct liberals.  They get very mad at me.  “How dare she just explain her experiences and her enmeshment, without a follow up, an apology, and an embracing the ideology of liberalism that puts things into the context of white guilt?   I open up the gap for them in their ideology, because I do not immediately label actions and ideas from the past in acceptable modern and moral terms....

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